I’ve volunteered/been asked to contribute to Day 28 of #107days (April 16), which is going to be a collection of ‘Drops of Brilliance’ – the little things people do, unasked and unprompted, that make the difference between care and don’t-care.  I’ve got my opening story ready (no, you are not getting a preview, sorry) and am working on the illustrations for it, but I wanted a picture of shimmering raindrops for the header.

Found a fabulous picture of crystal-clear drops on a shamrock, whose heart-shaped leaves seemed perfect both for the subject and for Connor’s love of Ireland, so off I went to track down the copyright owner and beg permission to use the photo.

She was happy to grant it and – or that should perhaps be because – guess what?   She teaches secondary-age dudes with extra learning needs, including some on the autism spectrum.  Check out the credits in about three weeks at Justice for LB.