Today we name parts of speech. Yesterday,
We had spelling and punctuation. And tomorrow morning,
We shall have reading and comprehension. But to-day,
Today we name parts of speech. Dandelion clocks
Flutter and disintegrate timelessly over the sports field
And today we name parts of speech.

In this sentence, draw a ring around the subordinate clause. And in this,
Delineate the main clause in a similar manner. Define the characteristics
Of (a) a main clause (b) a subordinate clause (c) the subjunctive mood,
Which in your case you’ve had no time to study. Above the treetops,
The clouds’ broad brushes limn celestial works of art,
Which in our case we’ve had no time to study.

In this sentence, carefully identify the fronted adverbials.
State how you know they are (a) fronted (b) adverbial; and please do not let me
Hear anyone objecting that, “You cannot have ‘an adverbial’ because ‘adverbial’ is an adjective, not a noun,” – you can do it quite easy
If you nounify your adjectives. On the windowpane, a ladybird
Trundles soundlessly in search of the sun, never letting anyone hear
Her objecting to the nounification of her adjectives.

You have been given a word mat. The purpose of this
Is to provide you with adverbials of feelings, manner, time and location. You must use them
Appropriately to front the verbal phrases below: we call this
Completing one’s sentence. And beyond the casements,
The swallows fly without cease from mud-patch to eaves:
They call it completing one’s sentence.

They call it completing one’s sentence: it is perfectly easy
If you nounify your adjectives: like the word-mat,
And the verbs, and the pronouns, and the prepositions,
Which in our case we’ve had no time to study; and the trapped insects,
Desperate to reach skies beyond the glass; and the swallows condemned to an endless backwards and forwards,
For today we name of parts of speech.

With apologies and gratitude to the shade of Henry Reed, whose unsurpassable (if highly imitable) original I first read when I was only a very little older than today’s SATS-takers; and which has stayed with me down the decades since.