It’s the beginning of the holidays, so of course we had appointments for G today.  The one Grenouille needed the most urgently was for a haircut, but I wasn’t sure we’d have time.  The first scheduled stop was at the orthotics clinic, which is usually a long and tedious wait followed by a longish appointment.  Today, however, we were in and out in twenty minutes, with only one minor mishap when G’s over-long fringe impeded vision enough to cause a near-miss with a piece of physio equipment.

“We really ought to get me a trim, Mum.”

The second was at the medical centre in town; again, we were done and dusted in twenty minutes.

“That was quick, Mum, wasn’t it? In, out, in out.”

“Yup. What do you fancy shaking all about?”

“My head. My hair’s getting in my eyes again.”