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LB Balloons

For the lovely , Rich, family and friends,
who are demonstrating a warmth & capacity for joy
in circumstances beyond grim,

and for George Julian,
who has discovered depths of exhaustion she never imagined, 
but is still live-tweeting, on the @LBInquest timeline, the information you can read below.


16.54  Jury returns; one note has been passed to the Coroner about an inconsistency in the paperwork with regard to place of death.

16.55  Coroner: It’s a matter for the jury, this does crop up occasionally, have paramedic evidence no cardiac output when he arrived at STATT.  Dr Hormbrey pronounced Connor Sparrowhawk dead at the John Radcliffe at 10:18.

16.56  Coroner advises jury on how they may address it.  Jury are sent away for the day until tomorrow; given warnings not to discuss the case.

16.57  We will next tweet here when the jury return with their determination at some stage tomorrow (hopefully).