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LB Balloons

With raging sympathy to Dr. Ryan and all of Connor’s family,
and with profound thanks to George Julian for live-tweeting,
on the @LBInquest timeline,
the admirably lucid summary of proceedings reproduced below.

Tomorrow is the 4th Pre-Inquest Review (PIR) meeting and we’ve set up a dedicated account for those interested in the detail.  

Final pre-inquest review meeting takes place tomorrow, 2pm, County Hall, Oxfordshire. PIR to include witness statements and jury questionnaire.  

Sept 9
We’ve set up this account to record LB’s inquest; final Pre-Inquest Review meeting today. Plan to tweet what’s said, not opinion or commentary.

 Sept 9
Pre-inquest review meeting 4 starting shortly; we’ll be live tweeting what is said from this account.  


Coroner, Darren Salter, introducing this 4th pre-inquest review meeting (PIR) heading towards jury inquest Mon 5 Oct.