I never thought of being a blogger.  No question but that I’m a bletherer, and certainly, I’ve been shooting my mouth off for years in random corners of t’internet, but not in a solo-spotlight way.  Taking that step forward seemed scary, exposing and unnecessary.

I’d still be lurking in the shadows, but for a remarkable and inspiring young man called Connor Sparrowhawk,  I’ve never met him in person, but in the last couple of weeks he’s made a Twit (or is that a Twerp?) of me.  Now he’s turned me into a blogger.

Connor and his family have experienced – are still undergoing – some of the worst ordeals imaginable.  The sort of trials that the rest of us are guiltily grateful to have dodged so far and hope, with desperate force, never to have to confront for ourselves.  For his and their sakes, here I am, experimenting with pushing a toe out into my discomfort zone.